Astrophysics at UC Berkeley

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During my Ph.D. I worked with Prof. Alex Filippenko, using the Lick and Keck observatories to study the spectra of core-collapse supernovae and explore what they can tell us about massive stars and their deaths.

In my time at Berkeley I rebuilt, updated, and maintained our supernova database (SNDB), which serves as both an internal research tool for the group and a public-facing data release and sharing mechanism: the UC Berkeley/Filippenko Group SNDB.

In addition to my supernova studies, I worked alongside Prof. Josh Bloom and the Center for Time-Domain Informatics at UC Berkeley, using modern machine-learning computational techniques to find rare and interesting objects in the massive data sets of modern photometric surveys. I'm also interested in instrument and code design, and in my time at Harvard I helped to design, build, and install the spectroscopic sky probe on the Pan-STARRS1 telescope on Mt. Haleakala, HI.



The UCB SN Database